Community Service

Since its establishment in 1981, the College of Education has been working to serve the community in many ways:

  • Working with the Ministry of Education in preparing the school curriculum;
  • Working with the Ministry of Education in providing professional development for principals and teachers (in-service training);
  • Organizing and participating in the educational conferences, forums, and workshops;
  • Providing consultancy services to schools and other education centers in teaching, assessment, student performance, classroom management, etc;
  • Working closely with the educational awarding bodies in the nation to provide consultancy and to work as reviewers (e.g. Khalifa Award, Hamdan Award, Sharjah Award, etc);
  • Providing special education services to the community though the ARU (Assessment and Remedial Unit) such as; hands-on workshops on instrumentation and rehabilitation of students with hearing loss. The department also conducts workshops for occupational therapy, report writing, phonetic transcription, documentation, vocal laryngeal massage and vocal function exercise.


Oct 9, 2014