Curriculum and Instruction Department

Welcome to the Website of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education, United Arab Emirates University. An important goal of the Department is to advance knowledge and professional practice in teaching, learning and community service. In its efforts to serve the community, the Department conducts various activities in teaching, scholarship, and community service. One of its commitments is to improve the overall teacher education practice through meaningful inquiries and innovative changes in both pedagogical knowledge and field experience. The accomplishment of this central goal is reflected in the Department’s continuous and assiduous efforts to work with prospective teachers to develop creative practices, contemporary teaching models and new learning approaches.
The Department offers a number of bachelor degree programs to prepare teacher-trainees to become professional teachers at various educational levels. Those undergraduate programs include: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Art Education. The Secondary Education program has already been approved by the university and it will be offered next year. In its contributions to graduate programs, the Department is offering courses at the master and Ph.D degree levels to prepare and enhance the professional skills of teachers and other interested educators to pursue scholarship in a greater depth.
Faculty members in the Department are involved in various scholarship activities to examine problems of curriculum and teaching practice and issues related to local contexts to enhance knowledge and contribute to the advancement of education. Those research activities range from historical and analytical to conceptual and empirical studies that tackle teaching and learning issues. The findings and recommendations of those studies are put forward to assist policy-makers in taking appropriate measures and decisions to improve education in the country.
Like teaching and scholarship activities, the Department participates in community service at the local, national, regional and international levels. The academic international recognition of the College of Education enables the Department to offer consultancies and outreach activities in relation to in-service teacher education programs and school-personnel. Faculty members are also serving in professional organizations and other agencies on matters of curriculum development and teaching and learning issues. Taken together, and with the support of colleagues from other departments and the University, the Department will continue to improve its services to its community and work assiduously to develop academic and research policy agenda to achieve and maintain the UAE University mission.

Aug 23, 2016