Bachelor of Education in Health and Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education at UAEU is committed to preparing students as successful teachers of health and physical education for all grades (K-12). Through their training in this program, students will make a valuable contribution to their society by serving as role models and lifestyle educators. Students will develop many competencies in a variety of movement skills, and in physical fitness as well as being capable of analyzing, synthesizing, and applying scientific knowledge to the practice of health and physical education. The Bachelor of Education in Health and Physical Education (HPE) at United Arab Emirates University can achieve this by enhancing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of undergraduate HPE students.

Program Objectives

  • Teachers who possess and apply scientific knowledge in their area of specialization.
  • Highly-qualified HPE teachers to meet both the Ministry of Education and Abu-Dhabi Education Council needs and requirements.
  • HPE graduates who actively participate in various community health and physical activity programs.
  • HPE teachers who can serve as role models and demonstrate knowledge of health, physical education, and wellness.
  • Teachers who enthusiastically develop and execute research using various assessment methods that are technology-based to effectively measure and investigate health and wellness of individuals and society.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Recognizing and locating major concepts, theories, and research in the field of HPE (ILOs 3 and 1, CF 2, NASPE Standard 1, and AAHE 1).
  • Understanding the structure and functions of body systems during physical exercise (ILO 1, CF 2, NASPE Standard 1, and AAHE 1).
  • Critically analyzing various technology applications in HPE settings to enhance teaching, learning, and professional growth (ILO 5, CF 7).
  • Using various assessment techniques in HPE settings and research. (ILOs 2, 4, Skill: QFE).
  • Demonstrating competence in physical fitness and movement skills which can be effectively utilized in teaching (ILO 1, CF 5, and NASPE Standard 3).
  • Recognizing individuals with different abilities and understanding the impact of such differences on teaching and learning (ILO 1, CF 3, NASPE Standard 3, and AAHE 4).
  • Collaborating and communicating effectively with peers and students in school and community settings (ILO 6, CF 6, NASPE Standard 3 Advanced, and AAHE 7 & 8).
  • Developing creative and effective approaches to manage HPE classroom settings (ILO 5, CF 8, NASPE Standard 6, and AAHE 8).

Degree Requirements

Required Credit Hours : minimum 126 hours

I - General Education (Req. CH:39)

Cluster 1: Values to Live By - Islam (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ISLM100Islamic Culture3.000

Cluster 1: Values to Live By - Ethics (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
FOED102Professional Ethics in Education3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - English Communication Skills (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ESPU103Introduction to Academic English For Education3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - Information Literacy (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
GEIL101Information Literacy3.000

Cluster 2: Skills for Life - Thinking Skills (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHI180Critical Thinking3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Emirates Society (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HSS105Emirates Studies3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Social and Behavioral Sciences (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PSY313Educational Psychology3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - Humanities and Fine Arts (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
ARCH340History and Theory of Architecture3.000
HSR120Introduction to Heritage & Culture3.000
HSR130Introduction to Language & Communication3.000
HIS133Introduction to Art History3.000
LIT150Introduction to Literature3.000
TRS200Introduction to Translation3.000
MSC200Introduction to Mass Media3.000
MSC240World and Arab Media3.000
LNG100Introduction to Linguistics3.000
LNG110Language, Society & Culture3.000
PHI101Introduction to Philosophy3.000

Cluster 3: The Human Community - The Global Experience (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
HIS120Arab & Islamic Civilization3.000
HIS125Contemporary Civilization3.000
AGRB360Global Agri-food Trade3.000
PSG250Principles of International Relations 3.000
BIOE240Principles of Environmental Science3.000
GEO200World Regional Geography3.000
ARCH346Contemporary World Architecture3.000

Cluster 4: The Natural World - Mathematics (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
STAT101Statistics in the Modern World3.000

Cluster 4: The Natural World - Natural Sciences (6.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHYS101Conceptual Physics3.000
FDSC250Contemporary Food Science & Nutrition3.000
GEOL110Planet Earth3.000
PHED201Physical Fitness and Wellness3.000
ARAG205Introduction to Fish & Animal Science3.000
ARAG220Natural Resources3.000
BION100Biology and its Modern Application3.000
CHEM181Chemistry in the Modern World3.000

Cluster 5: Capstone Experience (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHED408Capstone Experiences in Health and Physical Education3.000


II - Professional Requirements (Req: CH:48)

A - Compulsory Professional Requirements (36.00 hours)

Credit Hours
CURR101Educational Technology3.000
PHED200Foundations of Health and Physical Education3.000
PHED205Adapted Physical Education3.000
PHED206School and Community Health3.000
PHED305Health and Physical Education Curriculum3.000
PHED310Health and PE Teaching Methods for Elementary Education3.000
PHED312Evaluation and Assessment in Health and Physical Education3.000
FOED350Educational Research3.000
PHED401Health and PE Teaching Methods for Secondary Education3.000
PHED402Exercise Psychology3.000
PHED406Aerobic Fitness3.000

B - Elective Professional Requirements (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
FOED101Learning Communities3.000
PHED311Health & Movement3.000
SPED321Gifted and Talented3.000
PHED403Sport Sociology3.000

C - Field Experiences (9.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHED409Student Teaching in Health and Physical Education9.000


III - Academic Major Requirements (Req. CH:39)

A - Academic Major Requirements (36.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHED202Invasion Games2.000
PHED204Human Anatomy and Physiology4.000
PHED207Exercise Physiology3.000
PHED208Motor Learning3.000
PHED209Track and Field2.000
PHED302Physical Fitness Conditioning3.000
PHED306Personal Health and Wellness3.000
PHED308CPR and First Aid3.000
PHED309Individual and Dual Sports2.000
PSY304Developmental Psychology3.000
PHED313Child and Health Development3.000
PHED407Health, Physical Activity, and Nutrition3.000

B - Elective Major Requirements (3.00 hours)

Credit Hours
PHED400Sport Management3.000
PHED404Techniques of Coaching3.000
PHED405Martial Arts3.000