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Research Capabilities

The College of Education (CEDU) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is dedicated to continually engaging its faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students in research and scholarly activities that contribute to the knowledge base in teaching and learning within their field of specialization. The CEDU fulfills a broad mission of enriching the research culture for faculty and students by supporting interdepartmental or interdisciplinary collaborations, nurturing faculty research, grant writing, and liaising with internal and external funding agencies.

Faculty research interests encompass four major specializations, including Curriculum and Instruction, Special Education, Foundations of Education, and Physical Education.

 Curriculum and Instruction Research Areas

  • Teaching/learning elementary and secondary subjects
  • Literacy
  • Higher order thinking skills
  • Discourse analyses in early childhood education
  • Curriculum development and integration
  • Language development and morality
  • Integration of technology in teaching and learning
  • Active learning
  • Children literature
  • Psychology of mathematics learning
  • Children’s Problem solving and reasoning abilities
  • Performance based assessments


Special Education Research Areas

  • Inclusion
  • Teaching and assessing students with special needs
  • Multicultural education
  • Mild/moderate disabilities
  • Gifted and talented
  • Language and communication disorders
  • Behavior disorder
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Behavior management
  • Research methods


Foundations of Education Research Areas

  • Philosophical, culture, and economical foundations
  • Educational leadership
  • Adult education
  • Classroom management
  • Educational administration
  • Community of education


 Physical Education Research Areas

  • Gene regulation in neurodevelopmental & neurodegenerative disorders
  • Curriculum and teaching methods of physical education

Research findings are published in international journals and presented at national and international conferences. CEDU graduate and undergraduate students through their research, seminars, and capstone courses learn about current research, engage in research discussions, develop research proposals, and undertake research projects and theses.

The International Journal for Research in Education (IJRE) is published by the CEDU in both Arabic and English. The IJRE is a scholarly, refereed journal that serves educational researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and administrators in the United Arab Emirates, the Arab region and beyond.

Jul 27, 2017